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CCIV Investors Get Excited, The Lucid Air GT Looks Sharp!

Lucid AIR GT

CCIV holders need to take a look at this hands on preview of the Lucid Air GT – let me tell you something, it looks amazing. I genuinely think on style alone, Tesla have serious competition that they may need to deal with!

I suggest everyone watches the video above. The style and feel of the car looks to me at least to be of a premium quality and very much akin to the style of a Tesla, but with their own twist. The car itself according to Lucid is 80% done and getting closer and closer to manufacturing – what’s interesting is that the model being shown in the video is able to reach a stunning 500+ miles of range, super impressive!

It really wouldn’t surprise me if people traded in their Tesla to buy a Lucid, presuming they’re able to get the manufacturing right during the next few years!

The stock has had a difficult time in recent weeks along with many other hyper growth companies, however, with videos like these beginning to surface I think it will put a lot of investors at ease as well as making a lot of potential investors very much interested in what the company is able to do! I for one am very bullish on the product.

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