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Gamestop Executives Are Leaving With An Enormous Pay Day Thanks To WSB

Gamestop fat payday

Thanks to the lovely people over at Wall Street Bets and their love for all things Gamestop, the company’s executive management who decided to finally resign last week will be walking away from the company with a boat load of cash. In total, it’s being reported that the executives who will be leaving will bank a total of $290 Million worth of vested stock – insane.

Just to give you a bit of perspective of how insane these numbers actually are. The company at one point in time, at the start of the pandemic when Roaring Kitty decided to start the legendary trade that he is so well known for, was only worth $1 Billion. So in fact, the management are receiving a sum that would have been almost 30% of the companies value a year ago – can you believe it?

GME short sellers after GameStop announced early prepayment of debt :  wallstreetbets

To go into a bit more detail on who gets what. Chief Executive Officer George Sherman who I happily photoshopped the face of ontop of Huell from Breaking Bad will receive shares valued at $169 Million. Enough money that would make Walter White jealous. Frank Hamlin who was the chief customer officer will be able to redeem shares worth $33.5 million. The Merchandising Chief, Chris Homeister will get $43.6 million, while Former Gamestop finance chief executive, James Bell get’s $43.6million.

Now look, I am not saying that they don’t deserve the money…but I am also not saying they do deserve it. Very typical of corporate America to allow a company’s chief executive management to walk away with such vast wealth for doing absolutely nothing for it. If anything, Roaring Kitty should get something for what he has done. Afterall, their pay is only so high because of the pumping reddit users have been involved in over the course of the past few months, without them George might be leaving with a fraction of what he gets now. Oh well.

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