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Robinhood Is Down Again And Investors Are Furious

Robinhood is down again

You would think after what can only be described as a PR nightmare for the company that they would have learned a thing or two from the Gamestop debacle and the regulatory and political pressure that was mounting on them after they stopped investors trading in and out of stocks, yet, here we are and they are doing it again.

Users across the web have been experiencing issues with trading crypto currencies on their Robin Hood account, right as Dogecoin, the ultimate shitcoin reaches all time highs as we reported on earlier. Users have attempted to both buy and sell out of their positions but are getting the error message “Sorry, we’ve encountered an unexpected server error. please try again later” as seen in the tweet below.

Robinhood have come out and admitted that this fault is occurring and is affecting Crypto trades.

This has to be a joke. How can you have a platform that you know is so insanely popular that is just so bad at dealing with a load of traffic? Yes, I get that it’s a “FREE” trading platform. BUT, you would think someone would be smart enough to figure out that free brings a lot of traffic, especially when all the other big competitors are paid for.

So yes, to me, whatever the reason, this is not acceptable. More questions should be asked as to what is going on behind the scenes. Investors should really begin to look elsewhere as this becoming a bit of a theme, and not a good one.

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