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The Greedy Super League Are Ripe Be To Shorted

When the biggest football clubs in europe announced that they were planning on starting their own competition to replace the champions league, I’m not sure they really understood what they were doing…

The stock market for the clubs that are publically listed which includes Manchester United and Juventus did respond well to the news and as a result their market caps increased by as much as 5% on Monday. It goes to show the disconnect between investor and business. Anyone in their right mind knows that the league will never happen.

Coming out with such confidence, happily ready to ruin all the other clubs below them is such a stark reminder of the extent people will go for more and more money that I would be and currently am extremely pessimistic about the clubs involved future.

Sure they’re big. What makes a team big? The stadium? The amount of fans? The players? It’s a facade. Over the years there have been many different top teams in europe yet they all eventually fall like any every business. These clubs deserve no right to exist forever.

It’s my belief that their could be repercussions for those who are apart of the league, so much so that they will be financially hurt by it. I dont think their stock looks too attractive as a result

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